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** The Amateur's Guide to Dabs **

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Alexander Abad-Santos 13,778 Views May 15, 2013

Dabs, wax, earwax, honey, honey oil, shatter—whatever you want to call
Butane Hash Oil, it's how people are getting stronger, faster, more
expensive, and arguably more dangerous THC highs. All the talk also reminds
us how far out of the wake-and-bake loop we are.

Dabs have gotten to the point that local evening news reports, like they
did with Lil Wayne and the great sizzurp scare of 2013, are beginning to
frighten parents into thinking their kids are getting high off of "weed
oil". A local report from Fox Philadelphia earlier this month reads: 


*Parents, listen up: *A drug popular back in the 70s is making a very big
comeback, and your teens are taking notice ... However, as you're about to
see in the special video report from FOX 29's Thomas Drayton, cooking up
this high can be a recipe for disaster. *Weed oil,* *known on the streets
as "honey,*" comes from the dangerous process of turning marijuana plants
into oil.


Fair warning:


what are dabs

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