Canker Sores: Causes, Treatments, Symptoms, and More

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what are canker sores

Aphthous stomatitis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Aphthous stomatitis **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Aphthous stomatitis
/Classification and external resources/

Canker sore on the lower lip
ICD-10 K12.0
ICD-9 528.2
MedlinePlus 000998
eMedicine ent/700 derm/486 ped/2672
MeSH D013281

*Aphthous stomatitis* (also termed *canker sores*, *recurrent aphthous
stomatitis*, *RAS*, *recurring oral aphthae* and *recurrent aphthous
ulceration*) is a common cause of benign and non-contagious mouth ulcers
(canker sores). This condition is characterized by the repeated formation
of ulcers on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity (the lining of the
mouth), in otherwise healthy individuals.^[1] These ulcers occur
periodically and heal completely between attacks. Symptoms range from a
minor nuisance to interfering with eating and drinking. The cause is not
completely understood, but may involve a T cell mediated immune response
which is triggered by a variety of factors. Different people may have
different triggers, including nutritional deficiencies, local trauma,
stress, hormonal influences, allergies, and a genetic predisposition. The
condition is very common, affecting about 20% of the general population.
There is no cure, and treatments are aimed at reducing pain and speeding
the healing process. Often, the onset of the condition is during childhood
or adolescence and usually lasts for several years before gradually
disappearing, with or without any form of treatment.


· 1 Classification

· 1.1 Minor aphthous ulceration
· 1.2 Major aphthous ulceration
· 1.3 Herpetiform ulceration
· 1.4 RAS type ulceration

· 2 Signs and symptoms
· 3 Causes

· 3.1 Primary immuno-dysregulation
· 3.2 Decrease of the mucosal barrier
· 3.3 Increase in antigenic exposure
· 3.4 Systemic disease

· 4 Diagnosis
· 5 Treatment
· 6 Prognosis
· 7 Epidemiology
· 8 Naming
· 9 References


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