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A pack of AAAA batteries.

The *AAAA* battery (usually read as /quadruple-A/) is 42.5 mm long and
8.3 mm in diameter. The alkaline cell weighs around 6.5 g and produces 1.5
V. This battery is also classified as *LR8D425* (IEC) ^[1] and *25A*
(ANSI/NEDA). The battery is also known by its Duracell type number *MN2500*
or *MX2500* and Energizer type number *E96*.

  Zinc–carbon Alkaline NiCd NiMH Li-Ion^[2]^[3]
IEC name R8D425 LR8D425 KR8D425 HR8D425  
ANSI/NEDA name 25D 25A      
Typical capacity 300 mAh 500–600 mAh   325–500 mAh 160–170
Nominal voltage 1.50 V 1.50 V 1.25 V 1.25 V 3.7 V


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Collage of images showing the opening of a 9-volt battery to reveal six
LR61 cells, which are similar to AAAA cells.

This battery size is most often used in small devices such as laser
pointers, LED penlights, powered computer styluses, glucose meters and
small headphone amplifiers. These batteries are not as popular as AAA or AA
type batteries, and consequently are not as commonly available.

Some models of alkaline nine-volt battery may consist of a bundle of six
LR61 cells inside,^[4] connected together by welded tabs. These cells are
somewhat similar to AAAA cells and can be used in their stead in some
devices, even though they are 3.5 millimetres (0.14 in) shorter. These
cells are often unmarked so special care must be taken with polarity.

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1. *^* IEC


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