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* What do we do? *

-We run meetings-

Our core activity is running a network of self help / mutual aid meetings
where, through open and confidential discussion, participants help each
other and themselves with recovery from any kind of addictive behaviour. 

-We are a Recovery Community-

SMART Recovery is inspired by the traditions and history of mutual aid,
both in addictions and other walks of life. We believe that being part of a
community of recovery makes it more likely that we will succeed and become
stronger in our own recovery journeys.  It is what our experience tells
us, but it is also what science is saying as well - spend more time with
people who are succeeding at what you want to do and you are more likely
to succeed yourself!  

-We run an on-line Community-

Our community of recovery also

Source: www.smartrecovery.org.uk/about/what-we-do

what are aa meetings like

What Can I Expect at a 12-Step Meeting?


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** What Can I Expect at a 12-Step Meeting? **

*You Don't Have to Say Anything, Pray or Hug Anyone*

From Barb M.

Updated February 09, 2004

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· alcoholics anonymous meetings
· 12 step program
· support groups

*/Those who have never attended a 12-step meeting have some misconceptions
about how the meetings actually work. Barb M., a long-time member explains
what you can expect at your first meeting./*

I often hear people, new to the concept of attending a 12-step meeting,
voice fears and reservations surrounding their expectations of what will go
on during the meeting. For those who hold these fears or for those who are
just curious, let me start off by saying, the door isn't locked!

For myself, before attending my first AA meeting, here were some of the
thoughts that went through my head.

· I would be surrounded and generally malled by these so called "helpful"

· I would have to stand up and say, "I am an alcoholic."

· I would have to tell all of my secrets surrounding my addiction to

· I would have to participate in group hugs.

· I would have to pray.

· I would be joining a cult.

· I would see people I recognized.

Sound familiar? Let me share with you my experience with AA thus far.

My first meeting was held behind a church in separate building upstairs. It
was on a Sunday afternoon and almost everyone

Source: alcoholism.about.com/cs/meetings/a/aa040208a.htm

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