Method of praying Qaza Salahs quickly | Instructions for Missed Salat Namaz

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Darululoom AziziaNoori Masjid
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Method of praying Qaza Salahs Quickly

If someone have missed Salahs in their account. Either one time's or of
many years, they must pray their Qaza as soon as possible. Salah is a Fard
and not forgiven. On the day of judgement Salah will be the first thing
asked about.

For the people who have many years of missed Salahs. There is a way to pray
them quickly. Following instructions have four exeptions and has all Fards
and Wajibs for a complete Salat. Please pray your Qaza as soon as possible.
Even of you could pray one days Qaza Salahs every day which are only 20
rakahs (3 wajib witr), please do it. It only takes few mins to perform 20
rakahs according to the following instructions.

1) In Ruku and Sajdah instead of reciting "Subhaana Rabbiyal Azeem" and
"Subhaana Rabbiyal A'la" three times, say it only once. But make sure do
not leave Ruku poster untill the Meem (M) of Azeem has been said properly.
Similarly do not leave the posture of Sajdah until Ala has been said
completely. Just make sure to say these Tasbeehaat properly


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