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May 15, 2011

** Oat Flour: The Gluten-Free Solution? **

Posted by: Lindsay S. Nixon |

Category: FAQ

One of the most popular questions I get via email is: 

/"How can I convert your [recipe] to be gluten-free?"/

My go-to response has always been /"Maybe try a commercial gluten-free all
purpose mix?"/ which, of course, I'd feel bad giving, but I really didn't
have much else to offer. Gluten-free baking isn't my forte or even
something I have much experience in. To be perfectly honest, *gluten-free
baking has always intimidated me.*

I think what scared me off, more than anything else, was the long list of
unfamiliar flours that accompanied every gluten-free recipe. Sure I keep
things like chickpea flour on hand, but I don't have millet flour or almond
flour or coconut flour, etc.

*But then I discovered oat flour!*


You see, I was in the middle of working on a recipe for rum cake (in my new
cookbook!) when I realized I was out of whole wheat flour. I searched
my cabinets, my freezer--even my fridge-- hoping and praying I had flour
stashed somewhere. I didn't, but I also wasn't about to abandon my cake.

So... I pulled the oats from my pantry and ran them through my blender for
a minute or so until the consistency was soft and flour-like. I then
carefully measured out the amount I needed and

Source: happyherbivore.com/2011/05/oat-flour/

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