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** Oat Bran Vs. Oatmeal **

This article dwells on 'oat bran vs. oatmeal'. Oats, the nutritional whole
grain is available in several different forms such as oat bran, rolled
oats, quick oats, etc. But, what's the difference between these different
forms of oats, especially oat bran and oatmeal.
Oats, the traditional food of Scotland is known for its highly nutritious
content and oodles of health benefits. It is available in various forms
such as rolled oats, oat bran, quick oats, cut oats, crushed oats, etc.
which are all whole grain products. Oats is gaining popularity as 'ideal
breakfast food' all across the globe today. The first oatmeal porridge was
known to be prepared by ancient Greeks. In fact, whole oats are even used
as animal fodder in several countries. However, there is a lot of confusion
about the two terms 'oat bran' and 'oatmeal', and often one would hear
people using them as synonyms. So what are these two terms?

*Oat Bran and Oatmeal Introduction*

Before we head to the differences between these two forms of oats in
detail, let's first understand what we are actually dealing with. All the
different types of oats we come across come from the cereal grass 'oats',
are minimally processed (cleaned, toasted and hulled) to form oat groats.
All cereal grains, including oat groats comprise three parts: outer husk,
middle germ and innermost endosperm. After processing, the outer bran,
middle germ and inner endosperm remain. However, this form although edible,
takes over an hour to cook, which is why these oat groats undergo further
processing. When oat groats undergo different processes, they form the
various types of oats we are familiar with; such as oat bran, rolled oats,
cut oats

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