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Messenger Plus!
Messenger Plus! Logo.png
MessengerPlusLive4500312PrefAbout.pngMessenger Plus! preferences panel
and about box
Developer(s) Yuna Software
Development status Defunct
Operating system Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
Available in 22 languages
Type Add-on
License Adware

Messenger Plus!
for Windows Live Messenger
Initial release May 19, 2001 (2001-05-19)
Stable release / March 2014; 1 year ago (2014-03)

Messenger Plus!
for Skype
Initial release January 2012 (2012-01)
Stable release / February 2014; 1 year ago (2014-02)

*Messenger Plus!* (formerly known as *Messenger Plus! Live*, commonly
abbreviated *MsgPlus*, *Plus!*, or incorrectly as *MSN Plus*) is an adware
add-on for Windows Live Messenger and Skype. The software provides
additional functionality to Microsoft's Instant messaging client, Windows
Live Messenger, by adding its own controls to the main interface. These
controls affect Messenger's behaviour and appearance, often through
additional dialog boxes.

The add-on was first released in May 2001 under the name "The Messenger
Plus! Extension" for MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger. It later changed
its name to "Messenger Plus!" and then, for the release of the new Windows
Live Messenger client, "Messenger Plus! Live" was chosen. In 2011 the name
was changed back to "Messenger Plus!" again. It has become one of the most
widely used add-ons for Microsoft's IM clients, citing over 62 million
users as of February 2010.^[1]

Volunteers from the Messenger Plus! community around the world develop
skins and scripts for submission into the database of the website for the


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· 3.1 Issues with Windows Defender
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