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** Monthly GDP Estimates **

*Latest: *

June 2016 GDP Estimates

* About monthly GDP Estimates*

Macro-economic policy-making in real time faces the perennial problem of
uncovering what is actually happening to the economy. To address this
problem NIESR uses statistical techniques to estimate a series for UK GDP.

Read more about monthly GDP estimates

* Latest monthly GDP Estimates*

We publish summaries of our GDP estimates free of charge. Use this section
to view recent estimates.

View latest monthly GDP estimates

* Subscription to monthly GDP Estimates*

Subscription gives you access to estimates before they are made publically
available, a full monthly GDP time series in spreadsheet format, underlying
data that enables the subscriber to re-produce to their specification the
chart plotting historical recessions and recoveries and a full archive of
estimates in flexible spreadsheet format.

See how to subscribe

* Schedule*

Estimates are published regularly through the year. You can view the


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