How can I access a Java-based website on an Android phone?


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** How can I access a Java-based website on an Android phone? **

12 Apr 2011

12 Apr 2011 | |

I have a couple of websites that I use regularly from my Windows desktop
and laptop systems, but I can’t get them to work on my Android phone. I
thought Android was somewhat based on Java, so didn’t think these would
be an issue.

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-Danny Stieben-

April 20, 2011

Currently I don’t believe that it is possible to view websites with Java
on Android phones or tablets.

Aside from the fact itself that Java applets don’t work in Android, there
are a couple of behind-the-scenes reasons for this. Android itself is
written in a Google-developed version of Java. This Google-developed
version is open source (the whole point of Android), and the actual Java
Runtime Environment isn’t. Since Google’s Java is running, the other
one most


How to Get Java on Android (with Pictures) - wikiHow



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** How to Get Java on Android **

Edited by ShoreWriter, Laura, Gaurang, Zareen and 1 other

Java is a programming language that can be used to develop Android apps. If
you want to get Java on your Android for development or any other reason,
you can download an app for that.

* Edit Steps *

1. 1
*Search for "Java" in the Play Store app.*
2. 2
*Select the "Android Java IDE" app from the list.*
3. 3
*Make sure there's room on your phone and then install the Java app with
the "install" button.* Click "Open" to open the app.
4. 4
*Name your app and click "Create" to create a new app project in the
"create new app" Java screen.*

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* Edit Tips *

· You'll want to buy the premium version of the app if you want to
actually go through with creating an app instead of just practicing or

* Edit Warnings *

· Don't use the Java app on your Android unless you're sure you know what
you're doing as it is quite powerful.

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