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Internet access is available in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
(North Korea), but only permitted with special authorisation and primarily
used for government purposes. The country has some broadband
infrastructure, including optical fibre links between major institutions
producing nationwide speeds of up to 2.5Gbit/s.^[1] However, online
services for most individuals and institutions are provided through a free
domestic-only network known as Kwangmyong, with access to the global
Internet limited to a much smaller group.^[2]


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*Service providers and access[edit]*

There is one ISP providing Internet connection in North Korea: Star Joint
Venture Co., a joint-venture between the North Korean government's Post and
Telecommunications Corporation and Thailand-based Loxley Pacific. Star JV
took control of North Korea's Internet address allocation on December 21,
2009.^[3] Prior to Star JV, Internet access was only available via a
satellite link to Germany, or for some government uses through direct
connections with China Netcom.^[4]Kim Jong-il himself was said to have
loved "surfing the net".^[5]

In October 2010, the website of the Korean Central News Agency went live
from a web server hosted in North Korea and accessible globally on a North
Korean IP address, marking the


is there internet in north korea

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