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Raspberry sorbet
Type Frozen dessert
Main ingredient(s) Water, sugar, flavouring (fruit juice or purée, wine,
or liquer)

Strawberry sorbet

*Sorbet* /sɔrˈbeɪ/ is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water
flavoured with fruit (typically juice or purée), wine, and/or liqueur.


· 1 Classification and description
· 2 Early history and folklore
· 3 Distinction from sherbet

· 3.1 American terminology
· 3.2 English/French labeling
· 3.3 Central and Western Asia

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*Classification and description[edit]*

Sorbet is often confused with Italian ice and often taken to be the same as

Sorbets/sherbets may also contain alcohol, which lowers the freezing
temperature, resulting in softer texture. In the UK and Australia,
/sherbet/ refers to a fizzy powder, and only the term /sorbet/ would be

Whereas ice cream is based on dairy products with air copiously whipped in,
sorbet has neither, which makes for a dense and extremely flavourful
product. Sorbet is served as a non-fat or low-fat alternative to ice cream.

In Italy, a similar though crunchier textured dish called granita is made.
As the liquid in granita freezes it forms noticeably large-size crystals,
which are left unstirred. Granita is also often sharded with a fork to give
an even crunchier texture when served.

Agraz is a type of sorbet, usually associated with the Maghreb and north
Africa. It is made from almonds, verjuice, and sugar. It has a strongly
acidic flavour, because of the verjuice. (/Larousse Gastronomique/)

*Early history and folklore[edit]*

The word "sorbet" is possibly derived from the Italian verb "sorbire" (to
imbibe).^[1] However the root is present


is there dairy in sorbet

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