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** First-Week Pregnancy Symptoms: From Spotting to Cramping **

Kelly Herdrich
Kelly Herdrich, Yahoo Contributor Network
Jun 13, 2008

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Before I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I spent two days
expecting my period to arrive. Cramps, breast tenderness and exhaustion had
set in, which were definitive signs of the impending arrival of my period.
However, I woke up the day, when my period was due, to a positive pregnancy
test instead.

The first week of pregnancy isn't usually what women expect. Understanding
early pregnancy symptoms can help newly expectant mothers avoid some of the
worry that often accompanies a positive pregnancy test.

*It's common to experience no symptoms during the first weeks of
Some women experience no symptoms at all during their first week of
pregnancy. Remember that it is early, and the body might not even be sure
how to react to this change just yet. Do not feel surprised or concerned if
there are no symptoms of pregnancy in the first week. This occurrence is
common and not a cause for concern.

*Many women experience menstrual-like symptoms during the first weeks of
On the other hand, many women feel, like I did, that their period is about
to arrive. The first week of pregnancy might mimic pre-menstrual syndrome.
For these women, minor cramping, breast tenderness, loose stool,
exhaustion, and moodiness may occur as they regularly would. In fact, many
a woman has convinced herself that her period is on the way, only to be
surprised by that positive pregnancy test. In addition, they grow worried


is there cramping in the first week of pregnancy

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