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** How Much Caffeine Is In Green Tea? **

December 15th, 2008 | How To Eat Well

green tea potI started drinking green tea when I gave up coffee, and loved
how refreshing it felt to drink in the morning compared to the gluggy
feeling I felt after a big cup of coffee. And green tea is widely known as
a healthier alternative because of its extremely high levels of
antioxidants. But one thing about green tea is concerning me a lot – its
caffeine content.

You may be surprised to learn that green tea can contain almost as much
caffeine as coffee! So you really need to be careful with what type of
green tea you drink if you have a sensitivity to caffeine (and lets face
it, most of us do).

I avoid caffeine because I know it increases the stress hormone cortisol in
my body, meaning it can make me feel stressed. And I suffer on and off from
insomnia so caffeine in my body is never a good idea.

First lets look at how much caffeine green tea can contain -

*Beverage (8 oz)* *Caffeine Content (in milligrams)*
Coffee, regular 95
Coffee, instant 62
Coffee, decaffeinated 2
Black tea 47
Green tea 30 to 50
Cola soft drink 35
Diet cola soft drink 47


Pretty scary huh. But if you’re like


is there caffeine in green tea

How to Minimize Green Tea Caffeine: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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** How to Minimize Green Tea Caffeine **

Edited by Julian Tai, Sondra C, V Rod, Alan Rockefeller and 23 others

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Green tea is delicious and very high in antioxidants. It has one drawback,
however, and that is its caffeine content, which can surprise and affect
some tea drinkers deleteriously. Instead of foregoing the health benefits
of this tea, here are some simple and effective measures to enjoy green tea
without suffering from its caffeine side effects.

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1. 1
**Know your green tea*.*The younger the tea leaves, the more caffeine will
be produced in the tea. The most prized part of green tea is the terminal
bud and the adjacent two leaves, also called the tea flush. They are the
sweetest, but also contain the most caffeine.

• Color is a poor indicator of caffeine levels - Gyokuro, a top level
Japanese green tea, contains more caffeine than a dark tea such as Lapsang
Souchong. High grade teas are made from the bud and two adjacent leaves
(the tea flush), where the caffeine content is highly concentrated. On the
plus side, these are the sweetest part of the tea and also contain the
catechins and the theanine (mentioned below).

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*Become familiar with your level of tolerance*. Many experts recommend
consuming no more than 300 milligrams of caffeine a day. When compared to


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