Is there Caffeine in Apples?


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** Is there Caffeine in Apples? **


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There is somewhat popular health advice being passed around that states
/eating an apple wakes you up as well as a cup of coffee/.

I’m not even sure where this statement originally came from, but some
have come to believe that apples must contain caffeine. Let’s have a look
at the nutrition data of an apple and see what ‘an apple a day’ is
actually packing.

-Nutrition of an Apple-

*Serving size* 182 grams (1 medium apple)
*Calories* 95
*Sugar* 19
*Protein* 0.5mg
*Vitamin C* 8.4mg
*Vitamin A* 98.3 IU
*Folate* 5.5mcg
*Choline* 6.2mcg
*Calcium* 10.9mg
*Phosphorus* 20mg
*Potassium* 195mg
*Caffeine* 0mg

/Apples also contain very small traces of other vitamins and minerals./

-No Caffeine in Apples-

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An apple will wake a person up somewhat, but it’s not because of
caffeine. The high sugar content of an apple is what does the trick.

Fructose is digested quickly which raises


is there caffeine in apples

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