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** Energy Drinks Made From Bull Testicles? **

*A Few Facts About Energy Drinks*

Kelly Spies
Kelly Spies, Yahoo! Contributor Network
May 8, 2007 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Start Here."

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Monster is an energy drink created by the Monster Beverage Company in
Corona California. The product was first released to the public in 2002.
Monster along with their rival energy drink, Red Bull created a monstrous
scene resulting from rumors that the drinks were made from bull testicles.

Taurine is one of the main ingredients in energy drinks. Taurine was the
suspected ingredient that got Monster and Red Bull tied up in speculations
to begin with.

Taurine is a type of amino acid that gets its name from the Latin term
Taurus which means Bull because it was first located in and extracted from
the bile and semen of a red bull. It is also found in the human body.

The taurine found in energy drinks is not however a byproduct of bull's
testicles, it is a synthetically made substance that is considered to be
vegetarian friendly.

The concern that has risen from the use of taurine was not in correlation
with its bull sperm but with the effects high levels of the element found
in energy drinks and the way it directly reacts with caffeine.

There are 2000 milligrams of taurine in one 16 ounce can of Monster. The
human body naturally consumes 100 milligrams through regular nutrition. As
you can see that is quite a difference. Taurine is not known to have any
life threatening side effects so a recommendation for


is there bull sperm in energy drinks

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