Is Mascara Made from Bat Guano?

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** Bat Your Lashes **

*Claim:*   Bat guano is used in the manufacture of mascara.


*Example:*   /[Collected via e-mail, June 2010]/

I watched a show on TV called "Billy the Exterminator" sometime during the
week of june 14, 2010. Billy was sent to a house in Alabama that was
infested with bats. The attic floor was at least 3 inches deep in bat
feces. This was exemplified by the person stepping into the muck with a
booted foot. He sank ankle deep. During this show Billy said the bat feces
carries over 30 different diseases. The feces will later be scooped up and
the bacteria can be attenuated. It then will become an ingredient in
MASCARA, Billy said. "Yes, ladies mascara!"

*Origins:*   One of the less appetizing aspects of modern life is having
to entrust our personal safety and wellbeing to those responsible for
churning out


Mascara - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Mascara **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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For other uses, see Mascara (disambiguation).
A mascara tube and a wand applicator

*Mascara* is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyes. It may darken,
thicken, lengthen, and/or define the eyelashes. Normally in one of three
forms—liquid, cake, or cream—the modern mascara product has
various formulas; however, most contain the same basic components of
pigments, oils, waxes, and preservatives.


· 1 Definition
· 2 Etymology
· 3 History
· 4 Ingredients
· 5 Bat guano controversy
· 6 Manufacture
· 7 Safety
· 8 Psychology
· 9 Citations
· 10 References


The /Collins English Dictionary/ defines /mascara/ as "a cosmetic substance
for darkening, curling, coloring, and thickening the eyelashes, applied
with a brush or rod." The /Oxford English Dictionary/ (/OED/) adds that
mascara is occasionally used on the eyebrows as well.

The /OED/ also references /mascaro/ from works published in the late 1400s.
In 1886, the /Peck & Snyder Catalogue/ advertises, “Mascaro or Water
Cosmetique… For darkening the eyebrow and moustaches without greasing
them and making them prominent.” In 1890, the /Century Dictionary/
defined mascara as “a kind of paint used for the eyebrows and
eyelashes by actors.” And in 1894, N. Lynn advises in /Lynn’s
Practical Hints for Making-up/, “to darken eyelashes, paint with
mascara, or black paint, with a small brush.


Exactly where the word “mascara” comes from is unclear, but it is
most frequently thought to be based from the Spanish word /máscara/
meaning ‘mask’ or ‘stain’ and the Italian word
/maschera/ meaning ‘mask’.^[1] The /Oxford English Dictionary/
also cites an alternative Catalan definition that describes soot or a black
smear, or a Portuguese root (the Portuguese word /máscara/ means


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