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** There’s No Gay Gene, Says Scientists **

Posted on Dec 12 2012 - 6:04pm by Logan Rapp
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*A team of scientists have concluded that  there probably isn’t a gay
gene. Sexual orientation, they say, has nothing to do with genetics, and is
something in the DNA that is expressed in the womb.*

Okay. I’m going to try to get through this science as best I can.

In /The Quarterly Review of Biology/, researchers at UC Santa Barbara
and Uppsala University in Sweden have concluded through their research that
sexual orientation can be decided through epi-marks, which are temporary
switches in a fetus’ DNA that exist while in the womb and shortly after

Unlike most genetic switches, they are passed down from the opposite sex
parent: Father to Daughter, Mother to Son. Most of these marks aren’t
supposed to be passed from generation to generation and they are
essentially tossed to the wind. This explains why homosexuality seems to
run in families, but without any obvious genetic markers.

Epigenetic markers are “an added layer of information that clings to our
DNA,” and regulate the expression of genes according to an external

i09 puts it best: “Genes are basically the instruction book, while
epi-marks direct /how/ those instructions get carried out. For
example, they can determine when, where, and how much of a gene


is there a gay gene

Biology and sexual orientation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Biology and sexual orientation **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Sexual orientation
Transgender-intersexual symbol.svg
Sexual orientations
· Asexual
· Bisexual
· Heterosexual
· Homosexual

Non-binary categories
· Androphilia and gynephilia
· Pansexuality
· Polysexuality
· Intersexuality
· Third gender
· Two-Spirit

· *Biology*
· Human female sexuality
· Human male sexuality
· Demographics
· Environment
· Kinsey scale
· Klein Grid
· Neuroscience
· Non-heterosexual
· Psychology
· Queer studies
· Sexology
· Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine

* Non-human animals
Homosexual behavior in animals (List)

· Category*Category*

· v
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· e

The relationship between *biology and sexual orientation* is a subject of
research. A simple and singular determinant for sexual orientation has not
been conclusively demonstrated—various studies point to different,
even conflicting positions—but scientists therorize that a combination
of genetic, hormonal and social factors determine sexual
orientation.^[1]^[2] Biological theories for explaining the causes of
sexual orientation are more popular,^[1] and biological factors may involve
a complex interplay of genetic factors and the early uterine
environment.^[3] These factors, which may be related to the development of
a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual orientation, include genes,
prenatal hormones, and brain structure.


· 1 Empirical studies

· 1.1 Twin studies

· 1.1.1 Criticisms

· 1.2 Chromosome linkage studies
· 1.3 Epigenetics studies
· 1.4 Birth order
· 1.5 Female fertility
· 1.6 Pheromone studies
· 1.7 Studies of brain structure

· 1.7.1 Sexually dimorphic nuclei in the anterior hypothalamus
· 1.7.2 The ovine model

· 2 Biological theories of etiology of sexual orientation

· 2.1 Early fixation hypothesis
· 2.2 Exotic becomes erotic


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