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3 Days


*Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy*

400 Series
3 Credits

-Optimizing the Impact of HR Practices on Business Results-

June 4-6, 2014: Victoria - $3495 CDN
November 25-27, 2014: Toronto - $3495 CDN
March 24-26, 2015: Toronto - $3495 CDN
June 2-4, 2015: Calgary - $3495 CDN

A company’s human talent provides an unrivalled competitive advantage in
today’s global environment. To optimize that unique ability, human
resource professionals must design and foster an employee culture that
directly aligns HR practices with organizational goals and actively
contributes to the bottom line.

The /Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy/ program complements our
Advanced HR program, augmenting the core competencies of HR professionals
with business acumen and skills that will both engage senior teams and earn
executive-level sponsorship and support.

-Tour of the Program-

/Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy/ gives HR professionals the
deeper knowledge required to connect HR practices and programs to
organizational success:

a) Understanding Business Strategy

You’ll enhance your knowledge of key business drivers and core elements
of business models that impact business results. We’ll discuss market
segmentation, product and service design, and how organizations create
value. We’ll also explain the dynamic interplay between revenues, costs
and risk, and demonstrate how strong HR practices contribute to

b) Mapping a Strategy

Learn how to create a well-designed and professionally executed HR strategy
using key elements and best practices that ensure alignment with business


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