Why R-Values Matter in Energy Efficiency | Mechanical Systems | HGTV


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Source: www.hgtv.com/remodel/mechanical-systems/why-r-values-matter-in-energy-efficiency

how is r value related to energy efficiency

R-value (insulation) - Wikipedia


** R-value (insulation) **

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Aerogel is an extremely efficient synthetic insulator and has a very high

The *R-value* is a measure of thermal resistance^[1] for materials and
assemblies of materials (such as insulation panels, floors, and walls) in
the building and construction industry. It gives an indication of how
quickly they will lose heat (their thermal resistance). The higher the
value of R, the better the thermal performance and heat retention of the
material or assembly, and the slower any heat loss. The R-value for a given
material or assembly depends on its resistance to heat conduction, as well
as the thickness and (for loose or porous material) any heat losses due to
convection and radiative heat transfer. However it does not account for the
radiative or convective properties of the material's surface, which may be
an important factor for some applications. R varies with temperature but in
construction it is common to treat it as being constant for a given
material (or assembly). It is closely related to

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R-value_(insulation)

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