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An example of the term in a Laugh-Out-Loud Cats comic strip

/*Pwn*/ is a leetspeak slang term derived from the verb /own/,^[1]^[2]^[3]
as meaning to appropriate or to conquer to gain ownership. The term implies
domination or humiliation of a rival,^[4] used primarily in the
Internet-based video game culture to taunt an opponent who has just been
soundly defeated (e.g., "You just got pwned!").^[5]

In script kiddie jargon, /pwn/ means to compromise or control, specifically
another computer (server or PC), web site, gateway device, or application.
It is synonymous with one of the definitions of hacking or cracking,
including iOS jailbreaking. The Pwnie Awards are awarded by a group of
security researchers.^[4]

Popularity of the term among teenagers rose in the mid-2000s, with the
spread from the Internet written form to use in spoken language.^[6]


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The word /pwn/ most likely came about as a common typo of the word /own/
because the "p" and "o" keys are adjacent on a standard English


Because /pwn/ is primarily used in written form, it has no single generally
accepted pronunciation: renditions include /ˈoʊn/ /*OHN*/,
/ˈpwoʊn/ /*PWOHN*/, /ˈpoʊn/ /*POHN*/, /pəʔˈoʊn/
/pə'-*OHN*/, /ˈpɔːn/ /*PAWN*/, /piːˈoʊn/ /pee-*OHN*/,
and /ˈpwiːn/ /*PWEEN*/. Originally, /pwn/ and its variants were
pronounced /ˈoʊn/ in the same way as the verb /own/, the tail of the
/p/ being "silent". A notable usage of this pronunciation can be seen in
the Internet distributed series Pure Pwnage (pronounced "pure


how is pwned pronounced

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