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For the travel website JapanToday, see Metropolis (free magazine).

Type Online
Owner(s) GPlusMedia
Editor Chris Betros
Founded 2000
Language English
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan

/*Japan Today*/ is an online newspaper based in Tokyo, Japan.^[1] Launched
in September 2000, /Japan Today/ publishes wire articles, press releases,
and photographs, as well as opinion and contract pieces, such as company
profiles, in English. /Japan Today/ is a fully owned brand by GPlus Media
Co. Ltd., which also owns,, and other
on-line based enterprises.^[2]


In October 2015 a viral video titled Black in Japan ^[3] released by
Youtube User Rachel & Jun on youtube raised the issued of racism in Japan.
In an interview by OWJ News Analyst Maurice Yandiorio told that the
newspaper sistematically carries out manufactured racism by underlining
people's occupation or ethnic origin in crime related articles.^[4] The
Analyst then explains that the attitude used by Japan Today is quite normal
as virtually all major international newspapers tends de facto to
discriminate, althoug Japan culture descrimination is also based on the
occupation of the individual.


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