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This article is about the metal. For the color, see Gold (color). For other
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Rg Hydrogen (other non-metal) Helium (noble gas)Lithium (alkali
metal) Beryllium (alkaline earth metal) Boron (metalloid) Carbon (other
non-metal) Nitrogen (other non-metal) Oxygen (other
non-metal) Fluorine (halogen) Neon (noble gas)Sodium (alkali
metal) Magnesium (alkaline earth metal) Aluminium (post-transition
metal) Silicon (metalloid) Phosphorus (other non-metal) Sulfur (other
non-metal) Chlorine (halogen) Argon (noble gas)Potassium (alkali
metal) Calcium (alkaline earth metal) Scandium (transition
metal) Titanium (transition metal) Vanadium (transition
metal) Chromium (transition metal) Manganese (transition
metal) Iron (transition metal) Cobalt (transition
metal) Nickel (transition metal) Copper (transition
metal) Zinc (transition metal) Gallium (post-transition
metal) Germanium (metalloid) Arsenic (metalloid) Selenium (other
non-metal) Bromine (halogen) Krypton (noble gas)Rubidium (alkali
metal) Strontium (alkaline earth metal) Yttrium (transition
metal) Zirconium (transition metal) Niobium (transition
metal) Molybdenum (transition metal) Technetium (transition
metal) Ruthenium (transition metal) Rhodium (transition
metal) Palladium (transition metal) Silver (transition
metal) Cadmium (transition metal) Indium (post-transition
metal) Tin (post-transition
metal) Antimony (metalloid) Tellurium (metalloid) Iodine (halogen) Xenon (noble
gas)Caesium (alkali metal) Barium (alkaline earth
metal) Lanthanum (lanthanoid) Cerium (lanthanoid) Praseodymium (lanthanoid) Neodymium (lanthanoid) Promethium (lanthanoid) Samarium (lanthanoid) Europium (lanthanoid) Gadolinium (lanthanoid) Terbium (lanthanoid) Dysprosium (lanthanoid) Holmium (lanthanoid) Erbium (lanthanoid) Thulium (lanthanoid) Ytterbium (lanthanoid) Lutetium (lanthanoid) Hafnium (transition
metal) Tantalum (transition metal) Tungsten (transition
metal) Rhenium (transition metal) Osmium (transition
metal) Iridium (transition metal) Platinum (transition
metal) Gold (transition metal) Mercury (transition
metal) Thallium (post-transition metal) Lead (post-transition
metal) Bismuth (post-transition metal) Polonium (post-transition
metal) Astatine (halogen) Radon (noble gas)Francium (alkali
metal) Radium (alkaline earth
metal) Actinium (actinoid) Thorium (actinoid) Protactinium (actinoid) Uranium (actinoid) Neptunium (actinoid) Plutonium (actinoid) Americium (actinoid) Curium (actinoid) Berkelium (actinoid) Californium (actinoid) Einsteinium (actinoid) Fermium (actinoid) Mendelevium (actinoid) Nobelium (actinoid) Lawrencium (actinoid) Rutherfordium (transition
metal) Dubnium (transition metal) Seaborgium (transition
metal) Bohrium (transition metal) Hassium (transition
metal) Meitnerium (unknown chemical properties) Darmstadtium (unknown
chemical properties) Roentgenium (unknown chemical
properties) Copernicium (transition metal) Ununtrium (unknown chemical
properties) Flerovium (unknown chemical properties) Ununpentium (unknown
chemical properties) Livermorium (unknown chemical
properties) Ununseptium (unknown chemical properties) Ununoctium (unknown
chemical properties)Periodic table

platinum ← **gold** → mercury

metallic yellow

General properties
Name, symbol, number gold, Au, 79
Pronunciation /ˈɡoʊld/
Element category transition metal
Group, period, block 11, 6, d
Standard atomic weight 196


how is gold made

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