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** Clearblue Pregnancy Tests **

-Over 99% accurate, easy to use and easy to read-

At Clearblue we believe that when a woman suspects she might be pregnant
she needs a result she can be confident in and act on. That is why all
Clearblue pregnancy tests deliver over 99% accuracy from the day your
period is due; they are designed to be easy to use and read, and can be
used up to 4 days before the period is due.

_*No tests are more accurate*_ – All Clearblue pregnancy tests are
over 99% accurate^*

*_So sensitive you can test early_* – All Clearblue pregnancy tests
can be used up to 4 days before your period is due.

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how is due date calculated

Calculating Your Due Date - When is my baby due?


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** Your Pregnancy Due Date Calculator **

By Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, Guide

"Pregnancy Wheel - Gestation Calculator"

Many doctors and midwives use a pregnancy wheel to quickly calculate a due

Photo © Ankevanwyk |
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· ovulation
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-How are due dates calculated?:-

Your due date is typically calculated based on the first day of your last
menstrual period (LMP). Pregnancy is 266 days from conception, or about 280
from your LMP. This is 40 weeks or 9 months (give or take a few weeks).

· Due Date Calculator
· Due Date Calculation Explained
· 5 Questions to Ask Before Changing Your Due Date

-What if you don't know when your last period was?:-

Then your doctor or midwife will use an early ultrasound, the earlier the
more accurate, to help you determine your due date.

· Ultrasounds - Pregnancy Week by Week

-When due dates are wrong?:-

Sometimes a due date is given to you based on your last period, but it
turns out to be wrong because of some fluke, like implantation bleeding.
Having an accurate due date is important because it can help prevent
misleading prenatal test results including prematurity.

-Watching Your Baby Based on Due Date:-

If you like to watch your baby grow based on how far along you are in
gestation, here are some great places to start:

· 9 Months
· Pregnancy Calendar


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