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** Employment Discrimination Case **

Boss talking to pregnant businesswomanAll employment
discrimination cases and general employment cases will be heard by an
Employment Tribunal.

Generally all employment discrimination cases must be submitted within 3
months – that is 3 months of the date of the discrimination and also
in terms of unfair dismissal – within 3 months of the EDT (that is the
effective date of termination – the date your employment ended).

*Starting the Process*
In employment discrimination cases you have the right to serve an Equality
Questionnaire. This allows the claimant to set out their claim and ask
questions that helps to determine whether they have a case. So for example
in a recruitment case, you may want to ask questions of the process, the
other candidates, how decisions were made, who made the decisions etc.

The statement that accompanies the questionnaire must be consistent with
the tribunal application.

If we are dealing with the employment discrimination case we would
normally serve a questionnaire first so that we have some information to
base advice on, but because of the short time limits this is not always

Respondents (the other side) are given 8 weeks to reply to the
questionnaire and if they don’t, or their answers are evasive the
Employment Tribunal can draw an adverse conclusion at the final hearing.

Questionnaires can be served any time up until a claim is submitted

Source: www.discriminationhelp.org.uk/the-law/employment-case/

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