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** Newly diagnosed **

On this page:

· Coming to terms with your eye condition
· Help with your eye condition
· Coping with your eye condition
· Further information and support

* Coming to terms with your eye condition *

If you've been told you have an eye condition that could lead or has led to
sight loss, this can be difficult to come to terms with or understand.

Everyone reacts differently to their diagnosis. Some feel shock, anger,
fear, sadness, loss or a combination of these feelings. You may worry how
you will cope or feel upset about the changes you are facing.

Some people will want to get practical things sorted before they can think
about how they feel, whilst others will not be able to make use of
practical support until they have begun to deal with their feelings. Some
people will want to tackle both together.

You should be given the opportunity by your eye clinic to understand your
condition and how it may affect you, or be directed to further sources of
help and support, such as a voluntary local society for people with sight

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