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how is depression diagnosed

How Is Depression Diagnosed?


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** How Is Depression Diagnosed? **

By Nancy Schimelpfening, Guide

Updated October 18, 2012 Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by the Medical
Review Board

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· depression symptoms
· depression diagnosis

If you suspect that you may be depressed, your first visit should be to
your family doctor for a thorough checkup. There are several medical
conditions that can cause depression symptoms, such as vitamin and mineral
deficiencies, female hormonal changes and thyroid conditions.

In addition, some medications can have depression as a side-effect. If your
doctor does not find any of these factors to be the cause of your symptoms,
you will then be referred to a mental health professional for further

There is no current laboratory test that can be used to diagnose
depression. Depression is diagnosed based on your reported symptoms, signs
that your doctor observes during the interview, your medical history and
your family's medical history.

Your doctor will begin the diagnostic process by asking you a series of
questions. Questions that you may be asked include:

· What are your symptoms?
· How long have you had these symptoms?
· How severe are your symptoms?
· Have you had these symptoms before?
· Have you been treated for depression before?
· If so, what treatments were you given and which worked best?
· Do any of your relatives have depression?
· If so, were your relatives treated for depression and which treatments
worked best?
· Do you use drugs or drink alcohol?
· Have you thought about death or suicide?

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