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* How do I take a screenshot? *

press print screen = Windows captures the entire *screen* and copies it to
the *clipboard*.
- Where can I find that key? -

print screen and friends Look for this group of keys at the *upper right*
of your keyboard. Note: *Print Screen* (PrtScn) might have been abbreviated
differently on your keyboard.
* How do I take a screenshot of a single window? *

hold down alt and press print screen = Windows captures only the currently
active *window* and copies it to the *clipboard*.
* I guess it’s in the clipboard now. How can I paste it into a document
or something? *

hold down control and press v = Windows pastes the screenshot (that is in
the *clipboard*) into a document or image you are currently editing.
- Where should I paste it? I just need a (graphics) file. -

1. Start “Paint”
2. Paste
3. Save

* Can you show me in a video? *

* There must be a dedicated program for taking screenshots on Vista and
Windows 7. How can I find? *

type “snip” into the search field

Link to this tab

** How to take a screenshot on a Mac **

hold down ⌘ command and shift and press 3 = Mac OS X captures the entire
*screen* and saves it as a *file* on the desktop. The file name will look
like “Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 08.45.00 AM.png”.
* How do I take a partial screenshot? *

hold down ⌘ command and


how do you take a screenshot on a mac

How to Take a Screenshot in Mac OS X (with screenshots) - wikiHow

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** How to Take a Screenshot in Mac OS X **

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If you need to show an expert an error message on your system, create
instructions for performing a task, or even contribute to a wikiHow
article, a screenshot is the ideal way to show someone exactly what is on
your computer screen. To take a screenshot in Mac OS X, try one of the
following methods.

'); } else { document.write('

*Edit Steps*

-Portion of Your Screen-

1. 1
*Press /Command+Shift+4/*. You will be presented with a cross-hair.

'); } else { document.write('

· This method will save your screenshot to the desktop. If you want to
save it to your clipboard, press /Command+*Control*+Shift+4/. Your
screenshot image can then be pasted straight into any compatible
application with the usual paste command (/CMD+V/). When you do this, OS X
Lion does not create a file on the desktop.

· 2
*Click and drag the mouse to highlight the area you'd like to take a
picture of*.

Highlight the portion of the screen you wish to capture
Highlight the portion of the screen you wish to capture
· 3
*Let go of the mouse*. Your picture will be saved to either your clipboard
or desktop (depending on the shortcut you used). Depending on your
operating system, it will either be saved as "Picture # "


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