how do you know your pregnant without a test

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** How to Know if You are Pregnant **

Three Methods:Recognizing the SignsKnowing For SureEvaluating Your Options

A basic, over-the-counter pregnancy test is the most accurate indicator of
pregnancy available. Also, physical changes may indicate the early stages
of pregnancy. Not all women have these early changes, nor does having one
or more symptoms do not necessarily mean you are pregnant. But knowing
common indications can help you understand the changes you may experience
in the dawn of a pregnancy.



Method 1 of 3: Recognizing the Signs -

1. Know if You are Pregnant Step 1.jpgKnow if You are Pregnant Step 1.jpg1
*Consider your actions.* Did you have sex without a condom? Did a condom
break? Did you forget to take your birth control pills? If you did things
that put you at high risk for pregnancy, that will play a huge role in
determining if you are pregnant. However, if you used protection and took
other precautions, you probably are not pregnant. The failure rate of most
protection options are very low.

· Pulling out, however, doesn't usually work. Don't consider this a
protective method.

2. Know if You are Pregnant Step 2.jpgKnow if You are Pregnant Step 2.jpg2
*Notice when you've missed your period.* Some females track their cycles,


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