how do you know ur dog is pregnant

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** How to Tell if a Dog Is Pregnant **

Four Methods:Diagnosing Early Pregnancy SignsWatching for Physical
ChangesNoticing Behavioral ChangesGetting a Professional Diagnosis

It can be difficult to tell whether a dog is pregnant until the last few
weeks of her nine-week gestation, when her belly's increase in size is hard
to miss. The best way to find out is by taking her to a vet, but being
aware of physical and behavioral changes that may take place is also
useful. Pregnant dogs show some signs of being pregnant in the early,
middle, and late stages of pregnancy.



Method 1 of 4: Diagnosing Early Pregnancy Signs -

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*Be patient.* A dog may not show any signs of pregnancy in the first 2-3
weeks (which is the first third of the pregnancy). Her appetite should
remain normal, and female dogs do not suffer from morning sickness like
people do.
2. 2
*Notice any mood changes.* Some people first suspect their bitch might be
pregnant because she is a bit quieter than usual, but this is more
anecdotal observation than proven fact. Pregnancy causes changing hormone
levels and this affects each dog differently.

· Some dogs may become quieter than usual, others may become more
affectionate and clingy, and still others could


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