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** How to Know if You're in Love **

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So, you've been waiting for that special someone with whom you can make
that real connection. Finally, the /perfectly/ right one walks into your
life. But, how do you know you are in love and not just infatuated?

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1. 1
*Notice what happens when you spend time with them*.
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· You start smiling when you see them.

· You feel like you're flying when he/she holds your hand.
· You feel like you're in heaven when he/she kisses you.

· You feel happy when he's/she's around
· You feel happier just because they talk to you.
· You feel jealous every time they talk or sit down with someone of a
gender they are attracted to, especially when they talk too long. You will
think that that person likes him/her too.

· 2
*Observe whether you find yourself thinking about them when they're not

· You want to know everything about them and their ways from all angles.
· You want to talk about them to your friends.
· You include them in your prayers.
· You smile every time you see his/her photo (or feel happier).

· You miss them when they're not around.
· You're lonely without them, you can't appreciate the things around


how do you know if your in love

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