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There is an unfortunate tendency developing among MSM distributors over the
last year or so which has gotten to the point that we need to say
something about it. A growing number of companies are cutting (diluting)
their MSM products with excessive amounts of fillers in order to increase
their profits. I need to point out that flow agents, binders and fillers
are legitimate substances which are used to create tablets. Flow agents are
used to insert substances such as MSM into capsules. We in no way want to
imply that the mere presence of these substances reduces the quality or
effectiveness of a given product. Many legitimate companies use these
agents in their products and, if using a high speed encapsulation machine,
flow agents are a necessary ingredient. What we do want to point out is
that binders, fillers and flow agents can be over used. We have had a
number of brands tested and have found that a significant number of them
only contain between 40 to 60% MSM with the remainder being amorphous
silicon dioxide, rice flour or other starch based ingredients. These
fillers are quite inexpensive and


how do you know if msm is pure

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