How to test whether growth hormone is real or fake?


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*Which HGH test can I perform to determine whether it's real or fake?*


The authenticity of synthetic human growth hormone (somatropin) can be
determined by several tests:

*Growth hormone lab analysis*

Depending on which brand you buy, some manufacturers are willing to pay for
the lab test, where you send a sample of their product to a lab of your
choice. To find a lab, google and call around. Ask if they are capable of
testing for real 191 amino acid sequence somatropin / HGH. The cost of such
test in USA is around $350 USD. Ask the manufacturer of the HGH brand if
they will reimburse you for the test. Some will do it.

*HGH serum test*

A cheaper and simpler test, which can be done by most labs is to have your
blood tested for HGH serum prior to injecting growth hormone. Afterwards,
take 4IU of HGH and 3 hours later have the same HGH blood serum test
repeated. If your product is real the 2nd result should show a drastic
increase in serum level. Some manufacturers will also reimburse you for
this test after you send them the lab results. Just ask.

Growth hormone serum test result inconsistencies

HGH serum levels depend on many factors and are inconsistent from test to
test. These factors include injection timing, dosage, diet, current body
levels of amino acid degrading enzyme responsible for HGH degradation,
potential immune response, etc. For this reason you are unlikely to get the
same growth hormone test result twice. The result is a reliable indicator
that the injected growth hormone is authentic however it cannot determine
the quality or potency of HGH. This


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