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** Determine whether an image is Grayscale in Matlab **

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I'm writing a function which can take an image and perform specific
smoothing tasks on. At the very beginning of my function I convert the
image to a grayscale image using pic = rgb2gray(pic);

I'm hoping to allow the function to take any image (even if its already
grayscale). In Matlab, if I pass it a grayscale image it currently errors
because it cannot convert it (which is obvious).

Is there a built in function or an easy way to test an image and determine
its colour format?

I read on google something about isRGB and isGrayscale functions but they
have been removed from later versions of Matlab...

I'm thinking something like this would be cool if it had a built in

if (pic == RGB)
elseif (pic == GrayScale)

If not, maybe I could write a function that takes a pixel x,y and tests its

if (p(x,y) == .... or something? I'm unsure... Thoughts?

matlab rgb grayscale

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asked Feb 13

Source: stackoverflow.com/questions/14861585/determine-whether-an-image-is-grayscale-in-matlab

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