How to Know if a Girl Likes You: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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** How to Know if a Girl Likes You **

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Know if a Girl Likes You

Not sure what those glances, smiles and looks from a girl you fancy might
mean? Hoping you have a secret admirer? Follow these steps to find out if
the girl you have your heart set on really likes you.

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1. 1
*Be bold and initiate a short chat*. This will help you to learn those
little things that will come in handy later because everyone loves learning
that someone has listened to them... and remembered the small things.
Listen carefully and attentively to the things she tells you so that you
can store these away for future reference. And as you're chatting, notice
if she gives away any signs of fancying you too; watch for signs, special
words and large hints.
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· All girls are different, so be aware of the signs. Listen to the tone of
her voice. If she's shy, the tone of her voice might be a little softer
than normal, and she might start to play with her hair (smoothing it down,
twirling, flipping), adjusting her clothes, and might stare at you.
· Another sign that she likes you is if she laughs at your boring or
stupid joke. (Beware though! Don't use bad


how do you know if a girl likes you

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