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** 5 Ways to Tell the Age an Orphaned or Abandoned Kitten **

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Orphaned kittens are a touching sight and they can easily tug at the heart
strings. If you have come across an orphaned kitten that you have rescued
you will need to find out how old it is so that you can provide the best
possible, most age appropriate care for the kitten. Read on to learn a
basic guide on how to age an orphaned or abandoned kitten.


Like most animals, kittens are born blind, but after about a week, the eyes
will begin to open. After 10 days the eyes should have opened fully.
Kittens are all born with blue eyes, which will gradually change colour as
they mature. The eyes will usually change and settle 7 weeks after birth.
If the orphaned kitten still has blue eyes, it is probably under 7 weeks of

*Umbilical Cord*

A kitten that still has its umbilical cord attached is still very young and
vulnerable and is just 3 days old or younger.


Check the kitten's teeth as a visual clue to determine how old the kitten
is. According to the Cornell Book of Cats, the centre incisors will begin
to erupt from the gums between 2-3 weeks, outer incisors at 3-4 weeks,
canines at 3-4 weeks upper molars at 8 weeks and lower molars at 4-5 weeks.
These are basic guidelines for kittens that are cutting their first set of
baby teeth.


Kittens will usually

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8 Ways to Tell How Old a Kitten Is - wikiHow

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** How to Tell How Old a Kitten Is **

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If you've found or inherited a kitten with an undetermined age, it's
helpful to know how to guesstimate the age so that you can feed and nurture
it correctly. Here are some suggestions for getting a close approximation
of the age of a kitten when you don't have a clue.

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-Newborn kitten-

1. 1
*Check for the umbilical cord*. From birth until around three days, this
will still be attached.

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*Check for closed eyes*. A kitten does not open his eyes until around 7 to
10 days.

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*Check for ears stuck close to the head*. Kittens under one week will have
flattened ears.

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*Check the skin color*. The newborn kitten usually has a pinkish tinge.

The pinkish tinge can be clearly seen on these newborn kittens.
The pinkish tinge can be clearly seen on these newborn kittens.
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*Check for a complete inability to walk*. A kitten will not attempt to
stand and walk around until around the age of 2 to 3 weeks. Until then,
time is spent snuggling up to mother and siblings, sleeping or nursing.

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*Check the kitten's weight*. A kitten under one week old usually weighs
less than 4 ounces/113g.

-Kittens around 1-3 weeks-

1. 1
*Check for slowly opening

Source: www.wikihow.com/Tell-How-Old-a-Kitten-Is

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