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** How to Get Rid of Hives **

Three Parts:Proven Natural RemediesUntested Natural RemediesMedical
TreatmentsQuestions and Answers

Hives can be triggered by a number of causes, but more often than not, they
are caused by allergens, skin irritants, or stress. If you experience
hives, especially on a chronic basis, there are a few different ways you
can get rid of them. Medical remedies may prove most effective, but there
are a few natural solutions you can try, as well. Here are a few of the
most common and most effective.



Part 1 of 3: Proven Natural Remedies -

1. Get Rid of Hives Step 1Get Rid of Hives Step 1.jpg1
*Wear loose, lightweight clothes.*^[1] When you experience a sudden
breakout of hives, one of the most helpful things you can do is to change
out of any tight or heavy clothes you currently have on into something
loose-fitting and fairly lightweight.

· Hives can be irritated when fabric rubs against them, becoming worse
as a result. By contrast, if you wear loose clothes, especially over areas
plagued with hives, your skin has a chance to breathe and might be able to
fight the reaction off naturally.
· Loose clothes will be far more comfortable if you have hives.
· Cotton is soft on your skin, absorbs


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