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How to Be Sure You Are Saved

*Has anyone ever asked you the question, “Are you saved?”* Have you
wondered what “saved” means? Saved from what? From who? So, just what
are we talking about when we use the word “saved?”

When people ask you if you are “saved,” they are referring to what the
Bible calls, “salvation.” One meaning of this word has to do with your
eternal life. That is, where you will spend eternity. To be “saved” is
to be saved from going to hell. The question you want to ask yourself is
this, “After you die, do you know for sure where you are going?” Are
you absolutely confident that you will go to heaven?” If you can answer,
“yes” to that question – you are probably “saved.” If you can’t
answer “yes,” perhaps you are “half-saved.”

Now, don’t panic, we aren’t starting a new doctrine, we just want to
challenge your thinking a little. In reality, there is no such thing as
being “half-saved?” From God’s point of view, and from


how do you know for sure you are saved

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