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** How to Tell If Eggs Are Raw or Hard Boiled **

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Tell If Eggs Are Raw or Hard Boiled

The easiest way to remind yourself whether eggs are cooked or raw is by
marking the shell with a pencil or marker directly after hard boiling an

Another simple technique is to drop some loose onion skins in the boiling
water with the eggs. The boiled eggs will come out a nice beige color and
can be easily differentiated from your raw eggs!

However if you forget to do either of the above steps, there many other
ways to differentiate between hard boiled and raw eggs.

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1. 1
*Lay the egg on its side on a smooth, hard surface, like a cutting board in
the kitchen sink*.

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-Method 1-

1. 1
*Spin it with your fingers and thumb*.

2. 2
*Stop its rotation with a finger tip, by placing your finger directly down
on the rotating egg*.

3. 3
*Lift your finger up, immediately*.

· If the egg remains still, it is a hard boiled egg.

· If the egg continues to slowly rotate, it is uncooked.

-Method 2-

1. 1
*Place your thumb on one end and your middle finger on the other*.

2. 2
*Spin the egg using a

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how do you know eggs are hard boiled

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