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** How to Tell if a Diamond is Real **

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Tell if a Diamond is Real

Whether you're buying that perfect gift for a special person in your life
or you want to know if your own diamond is the real thing, the
proliferation of imitation stones and the people who try to pass them off
as real can be worrisome. While the best option is to have the diamond
appraised by a jeweler you trust, who can test the diamond without damaging
it, this will cost you, and it may not be convenient if you're shopping
around. Here's how to do it:

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*Ask for a certificate*.grading authority (e.g. GIA, AGSL, LGP, PGGL)^[1]
or an independent appraiser who is affiliated with a professional
organization (like the American Society of Appraisers). This is especially
important if you're buying a stone you haven't seen, such as from the
Internet. But a certificate is an opinion of someone who may have years of
experience or may not. So best is to do your homework and go buy what you
know is right!

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*Look through it*. Diamonds have a high "refractive index" (meaning they
sharply bend the light that passes through them). Glass and quartz have a
lower refractive index, meaning


how do you know diamonds are real

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