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** Bed Bugs **

-Bed Bugs Treatment for your Business-

Image of a Bedbug (Cimex lectularius )| Rentokil Pest Control UK

Controlling bed bugs is becoming an important issue for many businesses.
Rentokil offer effective bed bugs treatment and expert advice tailored to
your needs. Our solutions for getting rid of bed bugs (such as chemical
free heat treatment) are quick and safe:

· 24 hour response to problems with bed bugs (Mon - fri) with appointment
times convenient for you
· Treatments carried out by knowledgeable & experienced local Rentokil
· Call now on *0800 917 1989* for advice on bed bugs & to arrange a FREE
business site survey from an experienced Rentokil surveyor.

Bed bugs are small crawling parasitic insects that are becoming


how do you know bed bugs are gone

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