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Jewish Ethnicities and People

** How can you tell by someone's last name if they're Jewish? **

This question isn't at all meant to be offensive. I'm just curious and I'm
obviously too shy to ask the person directly.

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Marc Ettlinger
Marc Ettlinger, a yiddishe boychik.
If I may start with an anecdote to join the conversation with /meyn/

My wife and I went to Buenos Aires and we were amazed at the number of
Jewish names we saw: Weiss, Kline, Goldberg. We knew a lot of Jews had come
here before and during the war, but this many? We soon learned, however,
that these weren't Jews, rather just Germans - these are German names,
after all, the equivalent of White, Small and... well... Goldtown. (Indeed,
these could very well have been descendants of Nazis fleeing Allied

The reason names like /Weiss /and /Klein /are "Jewish" names in the US,
while /Beyer /and /Eisenhower /are not is a matter of happenstance: The
German Jews that came to the US happened to have names like /Weiss/, while
the non-Jewish /Weiss/'s stayed or ended up in Argentina. So, the
stereotypical American Jewish names -- Goldberg, Goldstein, Greenberg,
Greenstein, etc, are a function of most American Jews (but not all) being
Ashkenazi/Eastern European.

(Why Eastern European Jews have the names they do is another story for
another question.)

Still yet, some last names are very much Jewish by design: Cohen, Cohn,
Katz (abbreviation of Cohen Tzedek) are derivative


how do you know a jewish name

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