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Is this hamster happy or sad?

Is this hamster happy or sad?


** How to tell if your hamster is happy **

By Emily UnderwoodJul. 28, 2015 , 7:15 PM

My childhood hamster, Hamlet, seemed pretty depressed. He didn’t seem to
enjoy his colorful cage, complete with a tunnel, wheel, and ramp. The only
thing he did with zest was gnaw at the plastic, trying to escape, which he
eventually did. A few days later, my mother found him lying on the bathroom
floor, dead.

I have wondered ever since: Was Hamlet suicidal? Or was he simply
displaying normal hamster behavior? Now, a new study suggests a scientific
method for gauging hamsters’ emotional states.

Hamster emotions don’t just baffle pet owners; they also bedevil


how do you know a hamster is happy

4 Ways to Keep a Happy Hamster - wikiHow



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Expert Reviewed

** How to Keep a Happy Hamster **

Four Methods:Spending Time With Your HamsterGiving Your Hamster a Healthy
Nutritious DietProviding a Stimulating Living SpaceProviding a Safe and
Peaceful EnvironmentCommunity Q&A

If you have a pet hamster it's important that you make sure he has
everything he needs to be healthy and happy. You will need to give him
plenty of space to run around and exercise and plenty of toys to play with.
A healthy diet can include some treats to add variety to his diet, and you
can learn to handle him and play together. Hamsters are not always the most
sociable of creatures, so sometimes providing a peaceful environment free
of stress can be the best way to keep a hamster happy.


Method 1
Spending Time With Your Hamster -

1. Image titled Keep a Happy Hamster Step 10Image titled Keep a Happy
Hamster Step 101
*Get to know your hamster.* Spend some time watching your hamster and
getting to know his personality and mannerisms. All hamsters will have
their own personalities, so you should try to get know your hamster's and
respond to it accordingly. Some hamsters will be more shy and reclusive,
and you should respect this and not disturb him unduly if this is the case.

· For example, your hamster might lower


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