how do u remove a tick

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** How to Remove a Tick **

Four Methods:Using a Pair of TweezersUsing a Piece of FlossUsing a Credit
CardFollowing Up

Everyone seems to have their own trick for removing a tick. Contrary to
popular belief, holding a match to the tick, suffocating it with petroleum
jelly, or poisoning it with nail polish only makes it burrow in more
deeply. The correct solution is also the easiest: simply pull it off your
skin. Follow these easy steps for removal and the tick will soon be a
distant memory.



Method 1 of 4: Using a Pair of Tweezers -

1. Remove a Tick Step 1.jpgRemove a Tick Step 1.jpg1Edit step
*Find the head of the tick.* If you look closely you'll see its mouth
attached to the skin, with the body resting behind it.
2. Remove a Tick Step 3Bullet2.jpgRemove a Tick Step 3Bullet2.jpg2
*Grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible with a pair of tweezers.*
Use tweezers with fine tips, rather than blunt ones, to make sure you are
able to grasp the tick tightly.

· Don't try this with your fingers. You won't be able to get a good,
tight grip on the tick.
· Make sure you're gripping the tick's head. Get the tweezers as


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