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Visa and MasterCard are two of the most prominent types of credit cards.

Personal Finance
Credit and debt
· Mortgage
· Car loan
· *Credit card*
· Unsecured personal loan
· Rent-to-own
· Student loan
· Pawn Transaction
· Title loan
· Payday loan
· Refund anticipation loan
· Refinancing
· Debt consolidation
· Bankruptcy

Employment contract
· Salary
· Wage
· Salary packaging
· Employee stock option
· Employee benefit

· Pension
· Defined benefit
· Defined contribution
· Social security
· Business plan
· Corporate action

Personal budget
· Financial planner
· Financial adviser
· Stockbroker
· Financial independence
· Estate planning

See also
· Banks and credit unions
· Cooperatives

· v
· t
· e

Banking in
the United States
Monetary policy
Federal Reserve System
· *Credit card*

Deposit accounts
· Savings account
· Checking account
· Money market deposit account
· Certificate of deposit

Deposit account insurance
· Federal Deposit Insurance
Corporation (FDIC)
· National Credit Union Share
Insurance Fund (NCUA)

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)


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