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Anyone ever try AAA (Alstyle) shirts?

Posted May 6th, 2011 by Artbysirb

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What are your thoughts on the quality/fit/etc.?


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· VIHMIRU said about 2 years ago

i love them. my favourite is the 1301 as i prefer the thicker neck.

a lot of street wear brands use them.

although, the 1701 is softer due to it being ringspun and has a regular
neck thickness. peter from local advancers has recently just used these and
he's got nothing but good words to say about them.
· Sharkfin said about 2 years ago

One of my favorite shirts I've worn. Not sure what the model of mine was.
I'm usually L in most brands, but alstyle I was xl. I like shirts with a
collarette(slightly thinner collar), it also had a very good drop in the
curve of the collar, I prefer that because some shirts aren't cut low
enough and usually ride against my neck. I like my shirts to sit on my
collar bone. Quality is good, it hasn't faded much at all after many

Just my .02

My first post BTW:)
· haxereth said about 2 years ago

I've seen several people talk about switching over recently and I'm about
to get some printed on the 1701's myself.

The 1701's are a little bit heavier than AA's but the 5301s are from what I
hear are pretty close to AA's 2001 if thats what you are looking for.
· Obscure said about 2 years ago

Yes two threads about this so


how do aaa shirts fit

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