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· 1 Upgrades

· 1.1 Upgrade Awards/Mileage Upgrades
· 1.2 AAdvantage Participating Airline Upgrade Awards
· 1.3 Systemwide Upgrades (SWU)
· 1.4 Complimentary Executive Platinum "Domestic" Upgrade ("UDU")s
· 1.5 Gold/Platinum 500-Mile/Sticker "Domestic" Upgrades
· 1.6 Elite Full Fare Complimentary "Domestic" Upgrades
· 1.7 Companion Upgrades
· 1.8 Upgrade Waitlists
· 1.9 Load Factor Based Upgrades (LFBU)
· 1.10 Operational Upgrades
· 1.11 Checking Upgrade Availability Online
· 1.12 Non-Revenue Travel in Premium Cabins
· 1.13 Taxes on Upgrades
· 1.14 Related FlyerTalk Threads

** Upgrades **

Besides paying for a premium class ticket or exchanging miles for
Business/First Award Ticket, there are several *upgrade* instruments that
can be used in combination with a paid ticket. For an introduction to
/some/ of these, see the AA.com "The Who, What, When, And How Of Upgrading"
page. Key points:

· Generally, Award Tickets cannot be upgraded. However, when checking-in
at a kiosk, the kiosk may offer an upgrade for a fee.
· Under normal circumstances, you cannot be upgraded two
classes-of-service. This is relevant for travel in 3-class cabins.
· The EQM/EQP/RDM that you accrue are based on the fare that you purchase
and *not* the class in which you end up traveling.
· Upgrades only work when you are flying on American Airlines aircraft -
even though you might have an AA flight number, you cannot upgrade if the
flight is operated by another carrier. Conversely, if you purchase a
code-share ticket through another carrier for a flight operated by AA, you
can use AA upgrades. If you have a multi-carrier itinerary, you can still
upgrade the AA

Source: www.flyerguide.com/wiki/index.php/Upgrades_(AA)

how do aa upgrades work

How to Get an Upgrade to First Class: 18 Steps - wikiHow

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** How to Get an Upgrade to First Class **

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Get an Upgrade to First Class

Have you always wanted to fly first class or business class, but just never
had the money? Or maybe you got a huge bonus just before your vacation, and
want to upgrade a flight already booked. Well, hang on to your carry-on:
here are a few things you can do to get yourself placed into those plush,
spacious seats!

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-Methods With A Higher Success Rate-

1. 1
*Buy an upgrade*. This is by far the easiest, most sure-fire way to get an
upgrade. However, unless you fly often with the airline and have earned
elite status, it's also the most expensive way to enjoy the perks of first
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· 2
*Become a frequent flier*. Airlines categorize their customers based on how
often they fly—or more to the point, how much they spend!

· At 50k miles a year, you are in the middle of the "elite" zone, a
position that makes you important to the airline. You'll be rewarded with
various perks along the way—from quick check-ins, to bonus miles, to
first-class upgrades.
· If you don't normally travel a lot for business or pleasure, consider
"mileage running." This is the process of

Source: www.wikihow.com/Get-an-Upgrade-to-First-Class

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