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AA Meeting Structure


1. Meeting needs to be in a quiet uninterupted room at fixed times.

2. Welcome - Chairperson starts the meeting on time by giving a welcome
like "I am Bob, an alcoholic. I would like to welcome you to the Monday
evening Narcology Centre meeting. We would like to give a special welcome
to new attendees and have you introduce yourselves".

3. "Preamble" read by chairperson

4. Chairperson asks that a member or members read the "How It Works" from
the "Alcoholics Anonymous" book.

5. The "12 Traditions" are read by a member or members.

6. The AA / SUPPORT GROUP GUIDELINES may be reviewed if new people are
present. (The group may refer to a posted chart)

1) KEEP CONFIDENTIALITY - "What you hear here stays here"

2) MAKE "I STATEMENTS" - Avoid using "you" or "we"

3) STAY IN THE "HERE AND NOW" - Share what you are dealing with today or
this week.

4) SHARE FEELINGS about your experience, strength, and hope.


6) NO CROSSTALK - No asking of questions or discussion

7. The chairperson may suggest a topic or step to share on at the meeting.
Each time someone shares they will begin by first saying " I am Bob, I am
an alcoholic". The group will then respond by saying "Hi Bob". After
someone finishes sharing the group will respond with "Thanks, Bob". This
builds respect.

8. When the time for the meeting to close the chairperson will ask the
attendees for someone to chair the next meeting. Then he will ask all to
stand and hold hands and say or read the "Serenity

Source: www.darvsmith.com/dox/aa.html

how do aa meetings start

How to Get Through Your First Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

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** How to Get Through Your First Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting **

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Get Through Your First Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Nobody wants to go to their first Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting.
Everyone is afraid. AA welcomes everyone, and you don't need to meet any
requirements. If you've ever thought of going, or have been told you must
go, here's what to do.

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1. 1
*Find a meeting*. There are lots of sources. Call the nearest Alcoholics
Anonymous Intergroup office, visit http://www.aa.org, ask a church pastor
or anyone you might know in recovery. Many cities have hundreds, or even
over a thousand AA meetings each week.
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*Pick a compatible meeting*. If you're going because you are curious about
AA, go to an "open" meeting, which is for anyone. Closed meetings are only
for people who have decided they have a problem with alcohol and want to
stop drinking. Some meetings are for men only or women only, are foreign
language speaking or are for other special groups. The sources above can
guide you to the right meeting.
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*Ask for a ride if you don't have a way to get there*. The local AA office
can usually arrange for someone who is going to the meeting to pick you up.
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*Get there early*

Source: www.wikihow.com/Get-Through-Your-First-Alcoholics-Anonymous-Meeting

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