My parents don't trust me


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*The 24 Hour Counselor*

· I want to meet Jesus
· I no longer want to live
· I was raped on a date
· My friend may commit suicide
· I feel terribly lonely
· I hate how I look
· I may have an eating disorder
· I might stop drinking and drugs
· I might stop smoking
· I might join a gang
· I'm afraid I have AIDS
· I can't relate to my stepparent
· I can't relate to my single parent
· I get depressed often
· I'm thinking about killing people
· I'm tempted to go too far on a date
· I/My girlfriend may be pregnant
· I've been sexually abused
· Being adopted bothers me
· My parents drink too much
· My parents are divorcing
· Someone close to me has died
· I feel really guilty
· I'm failing at school
· My parents don't trust me

** My parents don't trust me **

by Pat Clendinning

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Hi. I'm John, and thanks for coming to this site. I hope you are ready to
hear some things about an important area of our lives — how we get along
with our parents when they don't seem to trust us.

Almost every teenager in the world at one time or another has felt like his
parents don't trust him. I have had that feeling since the sixth grade! My
parents are neat people. But when I feel distrusted, I need help. When I am


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