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** Why can't pan go ssj but goku jr can? **


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[[Category:{{{1}}}|Why can't pan go ssj but goku jr can?]]

In science class, we are talking about cells and genes. Then it came to me
that Pan has more Saiyan genes than goku jr (Pan: 1/4 Saiyan, Goku jr:
1/16). Pan can't turn ssj but goku jr can. Is this just because Pan isn't
strong enough or can Saiyan females just not transform? (I don't have
anything against women, women did a lot of good things for America) Please
tell me what you think.

* Toriyama Didn't Know What it Would Look Like *

Pan's trivia section states that Toriyama never made either Bulla or Pan
super saiyans because they never had an incentive to transform, as well as
the fact that


how come pan never went super saiyan

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